Why hire Starcrush instead of another band?


When it comes to building an event that sticks in the minds of you and your guests, entertainment should be a top priority.  You could opt for a DJ or simply Spotify the music at your reception, but what about live music? Whether you're considering a live band or have already decided this is what you want for your wedding reception, it's one of the most important decisions you'll make regarding your wedding day.

You're in luck because there are a number of bands in the Mid-Atlantic area that perform at weddings.  But let's be honest, most bands in this area have a very simliar song list.  While ours is likely as extensive as any you'll find, it won't tell you how good a band is or their ability to recreate those songs in a live setting or switch between genres to keep your guests dancing.  The first priority is to make sure a band sounds good and to get a better sense of our sound, we encourage you to check out our "Audio" section to get a sampling of what we do.

While depth of song list and how a band sounds obviously matter, that alone should not be the only factor that helps you choose between Band A and Band B. In the absence of value, cost tends to be the determining factor.... but do you know what you're getting for the price you pay?  Hiring a band that will put the time and money into the necessary production for your event is vital in turning a good band performance into a memorable party for you and your guests.

There are many bands in the area that will quote you a price just to get hired, but unfortunately, that means that something has to give and almost always, it's on the production side of things.  This almost always means that they bring in the smallest speakers they can and little or no stage lighting.  If your caterer or photographer did that, you’d fire them, but with a band you won’t know until the reception.

When it comes to a sound system, size does matter.  While a larger sound system can achieve higher volume levels, that is not why you should want it as part of our wedding setup.  Any speaker can be used to achieve an ideal decible level.  Think about it, does your iPhone speaker sound as good as the speakers in your car?  No!  It’s not designed to! Similarly, having a full-range speaker including subwoofers means that the right frequencies are projected from the correct speakers, even if those speakers are run at a low volume.  Just like a home theater system makes your movies sound better than your TV, the right frequencies sent to the correct speakers makes a huge difference in clarity and volume in a live setting.

When considering stage lighting, it's just like lighting for your wedding ceremony or even just lighting in your home -- it's essential to setting the mood.  When you go to see your favorite band in concert, a great light show can make all the difference in the world.  Most bands don't put the time or money into this and this can create a underwhelming result.  If your reception is at night, the lack of lighting can mean people stay seated or leave early without ever visiting the dance floor.  We bring in a full lighting rig consisting of front and rear stage LED lighting, 16 moving-head stage lights (for a normal wedding set-up) and a 15'x8' LED screen that serves as a backdrop behind the band.  Most bands will use whatever wall that is behind them as the backdrop to a huge array of your wedding pictures.  If that’s not what to want, you may want to consider what you’re getting from these bands.

To be sure, there are other quality wedding bands in the area and we don't mean to impune anyone or focus on any shortcomings.  But in terms of articulating our value proposition, these issues are vital to understand when making your decision - whether you choose to hire us or not.

See the photo gallery below to get a comparison of our normal wedding set-up (new photos with our expanded light show coming soon) versus other local bands.  The faces pictured below have been covered to protect the guilty.  

And remember, no matter your budget, we will work with you to find a price that will work without sacrificing on the production issues outlined above, so please reach out to us if you're interested!